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about foot the chain

Foot the Chain was started three years ago to help raise awareness for addiction and recovery. It started as a group of guys getting together every January as a MANCation. In 2022, the Barefoot Shootout was born. The Shootout was to extend the invitation to all Barefoot Waterskiers, escape to FL, jump in a boat and FOOT THE CHAIN. Of course we added a little competition, but the true spirit was to get to know more of us like minded crazys known as Barefoot Waterskiers.


2023, Foot the Chain Waterski and Music Festival was born. After Great success in its 1st year, Tim Collette, Don Simon and Jake Wilson took on the task of creating a community event to benefit a community Cause. Countless hours of hard work, Foot the Chain 2023 was beyond a great Success. 


 This years event will be benefitting Clean Pirate Life. Clean Pirate Life was founded by Tim Collette in 2019. Having gone through addiction and in recovery himself, his goal is to help spread the word that recovery is possible and help is a lot closer then it seems. Though Tim is not a recovery therapist, he has helped many individuals and families find help through his network in recovery. Clean Pirate Life is very excited to be offering its 1st scholarship for those who have successfully completed a rehab recovery program to help during the first few months of a new life, clean and sober. 

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